In a world obsessed with innovation, it is easy to fall in love with ideas. Making Ideas Happen - Scott Belsky

Everybody has ideas, the problem is how to bring them to reality.

We enjoy the challenge of understanding them, and we work hard developing technological solutions using our passion and our brightness to make those ideas become true.

We make it easy. We make it real.

We are not just another company of technology. We are the company who materializes ideas. We develop and dream technological resources, to give added value to the information that our Customers handle. We have solutions that focus on integrating the various areas of the IT Industry to transform information into a powerful prediction tool.

Our goal is not limited to developing conventional information management solutions. Our disruptive attitude forces us to be in constant change, evolving our products and services. We offer technological solutions capable of being integrated into a flexible and scalable structure based on the i2i concept.

We develop and deploy the necessary hardware and software tools to make tangible solutions to the problems posed by our Customers. Get in touch with us and a member of our team will advise you on how to take advantage of the information regarding your business model.


We are a team of Nerd's with years of experience in technology developments, consulting and project management. Technology is our passion. We base our work on trust and effort.

be in love

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

be a player

The great goals are not met based on individuals. We are a solid team. We play hard, we play together.

be transparent

Be human. Be trasparent. Be honest. Be yourself.

be smart

We work based in processes and methodologies, they are a solid way to achieve successful projects.

be fast

Innovation is the only way of being first. The world is dynamic and so are problem. We should adapt solutions.

be a solver

We should be part of the solution for each problems, not creating them.

We make it tangible. We make it simple.

Agile methodologies guide our process. We are constantly working based on the client’s feedback.

To plan is to dream.

We accept the challenge. We understand the problem we are facing. We detect the key players. We make a Master Plan.

To investigate is to learn.

We explore all possible ways. We ask, define methods and share our learning. We analyze, we learn again. We interpret each scenario, to formulate insigths that define the best opportunities.

To experiment is to create.

We define, re-ask and devise, prepare brainstorming sessions. We select the best ideas and formulate prototypes. We make, construct, validate and improve from a constant feedback.

To implement is to transform.

We define the solution and the roadmap to reach it. We develop the solution and plan its monitoring We supervise and consolidate the solution. We evolve. Transfer to our customers the product that we think.

At Your Service

We design and create ideation, business generation and hardware prototyping tools, which allow you to discover the most impactful way to develop connected products and services.
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IT Solutions

Build your own IT infrastructue to connect your customers, employees and business. Share your ideas and communicate your business features more efficiently with our solutions. Protect yourself from sophisticated threats with world-class security

Software Development

We develop and deploy software solutions, using the best tools and frameworks. Agile methodologies guide our process; we are constantly working based on the client’s feedback. We create rock solid solutions.

Technological Consulting

Through simple processes we design, develop and implement technological resources of added value and continuous improvement, which impact the profitability of our Customers. We have solutions that are integrated into the diverse areas of industry, to transform information into a powerful prediction tool.

The essence of profound insight is simplicity

The tools must be functional, they should help you do your work and should not hinder your tasks. They have to be adaptable, robust and scalable. We build tools that fit your job.

PLANTAFÁCIL is a tool designed to improve the productive processes of the industry. It proposes a paradigm change in the survey of the variables involved in manufacturing, from an automated acquisition and in real time. It is easily deployed in any industry using existing networks. Our IoT devices are used in production process, they report the timeline through a WEB interface along with all related operations in the productive cycle, reporting and obtaining metrics that enhance decisions making.

WeTalk-WeListen is a environment designed to cover IoT needs of our customers, connecting end-points from the physical world. That is IoT. Objects of all nature will soon be connected using diverse networks andfacilitate technologies so you can access and control them from anywhere. We guide you at every stage of the IoT innovation process with ideation and rapid prototyping tools, using our platform to develop, manage and depĺoy your connected product.

VITIS is a platform that allows knowing the life cycle of the vine. It is a tool designed to improve the productive processes of the wine industry. It proposes a change of paradigm in the way in which the variables are collected, to automated acquisition in real time. Our IoT devices are used throughout the process of plant growth, obtaining real-time metrics, on parameters such as UV rays, temperature, soil moisture, humidity and plant effort, which facilitate decision making in each harvest.

LoRaWAN™ is a protocol for low-power, long-range, wireless radio networking.

As it operates in an unlicensed band, you can deploy devices without interference from other licensed radios. It’s convenient for small footprint devices to “talk” with other “things” on larger scales.

Qualix collaborates with leading LoRaWAN™ network solutions to deliver an easy user experience. You can quickly start and materialize ideas keeping the focus on creating end customer value.

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